Power of Systematic Trading in your hands

Leveraging our proprietary strategies and superior trading engine to deliver excellence .

Why GammaTrade?


Execute rapid trade triggers using our proprietary trading engine, which enables your strategy execution with ultra low latency.

Superior Trading Strategies

Leveraging our in-house quants, we develop strategies across different asset classes which are effective in giving you a higher alpha.

Effective Risk Mitigation

Our trading expertise combined with fast trading platform enables us to embed effective risk mitigation strategies for your capital deployments.


Quantitative Trading Strategies

We deploy our superior trading strategies delivering a better alpha.

Strategy Development

We design, develop and improve your trading ideas into a quantitative trading strategy

Quantitative Trading Tools

We develop various tools to make your trading journey easier. This can be a customized stock screener, or a customized API for all your historical analysis.

Ready to enter the world of quantitative trading?

The GT Edge >>>

We strive to continuously improve our advanced trading engine. Further supported by rapid and vast market data access, signature trend analysis, back-tracking simulations and risk mitigation technologies.